Come join us for some friendly competition at the:


The Atlanta Northside Backgammon Club holds backgammon tournaments weekly:

on Wednesdays at 6:30PM

We meet at:

'The Hudson Grill'
6317 Roswell Road, Sandy Springs, GA 30328 (click for map)


We also have a special Monthly tournament on Sunday at 1:30 PM, generally on the last Sunday of the month.
E-mail or call for location.


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ALL-TIME Player Points

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All matches use the doubling cube with Main flight matches to 7 points and Consolation matches to 5 points. Time clocks are used to keep the event on schedule. We use the US Backgammon Tournament Rules & Procedures (January 2009).

The format guarantees each player a minimum of two matches, (not necessarily two losses). With a field up to 16 players the tournament is generally completed in less than 4 hours.

Tournament Director: Jerry Godsey
Assistant Director: Stuart Domeshek

Entry Fees

Registration fee: $ 1
Entry fee: $10
Optional sidepool: $25

100% return of all entry fees and side pool entries.

Prize Distribution

1st place: 50%
2nd place: 25%
1st place-Consolation: 25%
Main Flight sidepool: 67%
Consolation sidepool: 33%

A special note regarding the venue:
The $1 registration fee is to finance the end-of-year awards and trophies. All participants are also expected to tip their server generously for their drink and food orders. Please take into consideration that you may be occupying a spot in the restaurant far longer than most regular patrons.

For beginning backgammon players we offer a free informal lesson starting 1 hour before the tournament start time. Call ahead ('Contact Us' below) to ensure one of our volunteer teachers will be there. Read about the basics of backgammon.

There are no membership dues or fees to join the Atlanta Northside Backgammon Club. You are a member as soon as you come and play! We hope to see you soon.

Director's Documents
Downloadable documents used to run the tournaments:
8-player bracket 16-player bracket 32-player bracket Instructions for Byes Player Score sheets Chouette Score sheets


By phone:  
Jerry Godsey: 404-403-1957(c) or 770-612-0818(h)
Stuart Domeshek: 770-324-9773(c)
(Please call Jerry to reserve a space if you will be arriving late.)

Or: click to send us an e-mail


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